Both the teams from IMSL and MMU geared up for their attendance at the International Biodeterioration Research Group (IBRG) meeting, which took place in the vibrant city of Athens, Greece, from the 17th to the 19th of October. This event was a dynamic gathering of experts and enthusiasts from around the world, all of whom shared a common interest in advancing the development of standardized methods for assessing the use and impact of biocides across various product types and applications.

The IBRG, renowned for its international influence, serves as a critical forum where stakeholders converge to discuss, collaborate, and drive progress in the field of biocide evaluation. This esteemed group represents a wide spectrum of regions, including the UK, EU, USA, Japan, and Australia, underscoring the global relevance of their work.

IMSL and MMU presented an update on antimicrobial method development taking place in NOVA to an international audience including members from the UK, EU, USA, Japan and Australia. Their presentation is considered as a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in this area and will serve as a testament to the collective effort dedicated to advancing research in this vital domain.

The IBRG meeting not only presented an invaluable opportunity for knowledge sharing but also a chance to foster international collaborations that can propel research in biocides to new heights. The insights and expertise shared in Athens will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the field, contributing to the development of safer and more effective biocides for various applications.

As IMSL and MMU embarked on this journey to Athens, they carried with them the enthusiasm and dedication that have been the hallmarks of the NOVA project. This global stage offered a unique opportunity to showcase their commitment to advancing the science of biocides and their practical applications. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting international collaboration and knowledge exchange.


James Redfern from MMU