03 Jul 2024

Pioneering Advanced Biological Models for Safer Antimicrobial Coatings

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20 Nov 2023

Exciting Participation of partners at IBRG Meeting


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16 Nov 2023

Update - Meeting with European Commission Officer

A positive encounter with European Commission Officer

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Project Impact

The potential impact of NOVA is far-reaching: by addressing scientific needs in the development of new bioactive coating technologies, NOVA will help to improve the health of citizens and enable safer working and living through the management of infection risks. This will in turn be reflected in economic and regulatory value.

Scientific Impact

New combinatorial antimicrobial coatings and methods for the analysis of coating as well as insights into the mode of action of coatings

Regulatory Impact

On the one hand, NOVA's coatings will meet the criteria of Safe and Sustainable by Design. On the other hand, new tools for validating coatings and innovative tests with potential for inclusion in future standards will be developed.

Economic Impact

Increased revenue and new product opportunities for the consortium. Partners will lead the way in an area where global needs are aligned. Innovative coatings will support the sectors affected by the health crisis in the short and long term.

Industrial Impact

NOVA will offer validated solutions to specific industrial problems including equipment for integrating coatings into the production chain and digital tools for simplified coating design and development.

Social Impact

Fewer hospitalisations due to infections caused by fomites and a reduction in hospital-acquired infections. Innovative coatings could be a better crisis management tool for future pandemics. NOVA is working to educate and test antimicrobial solutions to increase public confidence.

NOVA's path to impact

NOVA strives to achieve the targeted impact through the development of a use-case specific methodology that will guide our coating development and subsequently our testing methods. The use cases will serve as the basis for the development of new tools, and, in turn, these developed tools will enable us to reap the benefits of the project quickly and efficiently.

Team Testimonials

At NOVA, we have a great interdisciplinary team - from chemists and toxicologists to data scientists and CEOs. So who better to highlight why this project is so important than our experts in their fields.

The corona pandemic has shown hygiene is paramount for the our health. But we cannot rely on extensive chemical cleaning all of the time. We need new highly effective technologies, that are safe by design.

Anthonie Stuiver

AkzoNobel – Senior Scientist

NOVA is an interestiong application to apply the new Safe and Sustainable by Design concept to biocides.

Bernd Nowack

Empa – Professor & Group Leader

NOVA is the necessary bridge towards a better future with new safe and protective solutions.

Baptiste Letellier

SPARTHA Medical -Project Manager

To develop cutting edge methods that test antimicrobial activity of surfaces under simulated exposure scenarios.

Gillian Iredale

IMSL – Senior Scientist

To bring forward our UV-induced antimicrobial techniques.

Claus Schreiner

Fraunhofer IFAM – Senior Scientist

To improve test capacities and to develop new or further antimicrobial and especially antiviral coatings.

Tim Heusinger von Waldegge

Fraunhofer IFAM – Senior Scientist

Bioactive nanocoatings are the future.

Sabine Krusenbaum

Evonik – Lab technician


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