Work plan

Overall structure of the workplan

NOVA's ultimate goal is to develop marketable bioactive coating solutions. Therefore, the work plan is structured to efficiently achieve this goal. NOVA is divided into 8 work packages (WP1-8). The synthesis, optimisation and production of antimicrobial coatings and nanoscale additives is the main objective of WP2. WP3 will define use cases, e.g. a variety of surfaces (glass, metal, alloys, ceramics, textiles, plastics) and everyday conditions under which the selected coatings will be tested. WP2 and WP3 will jointly adapt the most promising antimicrobial coatings, while WP5 will evaluate their effectiveness. The most promising coatings will in turn be tested for human safety (WP4) and sustainability (WP6). WP7 will guide this development and provide data science support and predictive modelling to consortium members to accelerate results. WP1 oversees project management in NOVA and covers administrative and scientific coordination. WP8 deals with dissemination and communication as well as exploitation of the results.


WP Flow Chart - NOVA (2)


NOVA workflow and positioning within the TRL scale