The last 6 months in a nutshell

28.11.2022 16:49:57

It is March already... Unbelievable!

NOVA started last year on September 1st and these last seven months have been very demanding. We successfully submitted seven reports to the European Union and two milestones have already been reached - The launch of this website being one of them!

Some of these reports address how we can execute this project to the absolute highest standards. With our project quality manual, data management plan and communication and dissemination strategy, we are committed to delivering on all our promises.

Our project partner Preste, a specialist in data processing, has created a platform for data exchange that will help us get the most out of our data and train predictive models.

NOVA aims to develop antimicrobial technologies that can be used in four application areas: public spaces, medical rooms, textiles, and touchscreens. One of these reports, our "User Requirements", describes each of these four cases in detail, highlighting the specific requirements for both normal use and required antimicrobial functionality. This report is complemented by a preparatory business analysis describing and defining all the elements required for the steps from “technology readiness level 6” to market readiness for each use case.

Last but certainly not least, a gap analysis of antimicrobial testing methods was conducted in relation to the end-user scenarios. These findings will form the basis for the development of tests that will allow the functionality of the coatings to be tailored to the applications that offer the greatest benefit.

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