SPARTHA opened the new eXplora building on their Nextmed campus, here are some impressions.

The eXplora building on SPARTHA's Nextmed campus had its momentous inauguration, graced by esteemed visitors, including members of neighboring companies, national and regional politicians, and journalists. This state-of-the-art facility serves as a hub for SPARTHA members who do not engage in laboratory activities, as well as hosting various medical innovation companies and promising start-ups.

Among the highlights of the event was an informative Youtube video, with English subtitles available, showcasing the mesmerizing world of microscopic interactions and AI-powered tools.This captivating video, generated using microscopy images and cutting-edge AI technology, takes us on an immersive journey at the interfaces between living organisms - be it cells or microbes - and various surfaces. Additionally, the sheds light on the our  NOVA project, elucidating its purpose and significance in comprehending contamination-related challenges. Emphasizing technological innovations and the crucial role each partner plays, the video seeks to foster public understanding on this matter.


Opening Day Spartha

Opening day © Baptiste Letellier