Welcome to NOVA, the next generation of antimicrobial technologies!

Next Generation BiOactiVe NAnocoatings -NOVA is a newly funded European project (Horizon Europe Program). Together as fourteen partners in nine different countries, we are working together to develop THE antimicrobial coatings of the future. Funded by the European Commission, the Swiss State Secretariat for Education and UK research and innovation with EUR 7.5 million, we are a multidisciplinary team of scientists and industry players working tirelessly to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases in everyday life and healthcare settings.

Every team member at NOVA is committed to creating a comprehensive approach to antimicrobial coatings development. During the project, each step of this comprehensive approach will be simplified and optimized through expertise, high-quality coatings, and new testing methods.

We aim to protect you from future pandemics with highly efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and stable coatings for a variety of surfaces such as textiles, paints or electronics. We will specialize in frequently touched hard surfaces with high hygiene relevance, such as in hospitals or airports, where you otherwise have no control.

If you want to learn more about NOVA, keep checking our homepage and subscribe to our newsletter! We promise to keep you up to date on our progress!

Engin and Sara

28.11.2022 16:49:57

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