Synthesis, optimisation and manufacturing of coatings and nanoscale additives

On the one hand, WP 2 will develop biopolymer-based sprayable coatings that can adapt to any type of surface and have inherent antimicrobial properties and the ability to be loaded with other developed antimicrobial agents. On the other hand, more durable light-activated coating solutions in the form of additives and additional potentiating factors will be developed.

Intensive physicochemical characterization of the coatings and coating additives will be carried out to provide the necessary information for in-silico modelling to predict future coating behaviour in WP7.

WP2 includes the following objectives:

  • to provide combinations of these antimicrobial coatings that can meet a wide range of potential needs for specific use cases.
  • to optimize all coating formulations with respect to the input from WP4-6
  • to establish a sustainable synthesis of the coating components for the lead candidates
  • to provide the test materials for WP4-WP6 and the data for WP7 and, at the same time, create a feedback loop with WP3 for the potential applications and device applications (sprays, coating robots)


Lead Beneficiary: Spartha Medical