Human health (product safety) | Bio- and Immunocompatibility studies on interactive, nanocoated surfaces

WP4 deals with biological in vitro investigations on nanocoated surfaces developed in WP2 and WP3. The main objective is to accompany and to facilitate the decision for suitable, i.e., safe candidates for further use. First, robust biocompatibility tests and secondly organ-specific tests (advanced skin and immune modules) will be conducted. Suitable coatings for a targeted use revealed during the NOVA project will be further investigated in appropriate animal experiments (INSERM).

WP4 includes the following objectives:

  1. to evaluate biocompatibility (cytotoxicity) of coatings developed in WP2 / WP3 (iterative assessment)
  2. to establish new, reliable cell-based test strategies for immunotoxicity to conduct organ specific safety evaluation using I) advanced skin models and II) in vivo testing following the 3R principle
  3. to provide the test materials for WP4-WP6 and the data for WP7 and, at the same time, create a feedback loop with WP3 for the potential applications and device applications (sprays, coating robots)
  4. to identify gaps in the OECD guidelines and elaborate missing tests

Lead: Fraunhofer IKTS