WP7 objective is to provide to other members of the consortium, in particular the ones involved in WP2 and WP3, a data science support and in-silico algorithmic/predictive models to fast-track their research work. The data science support will help the contributors of WP2 and WP3 analyse and put in perspective the results of the experiments and research they conduct, and in particular the contribution of each internal/external factor and parameter of the coatings and coating’s production processes they test.

The predictive models will predict some key expected properties of the coating materials, notably their antimicrobial effect, their stability, some of their mechanical properties and their biocompatibility, from a combination of intrinsic components’ properties and production parameters. A specific focus will be made, for the second half of the project, on the impact of the nanoparticles on these key properties.

WP7 includes the following objectives:

  1. to fast-track research through in-silico modeling by simulating outcomes
  2. to empower the consortium to make better decisions with quantifiable, data-driven evidence

Lead: Preste