Dissemination, communication and exploitation

In WP8 targeted communication activities will be utilized to maximise the dissemination and exploitation of the project results. The main goal of WP8 is to implement and sustain the project activities during and after the funding phase of NOVA.

WP8 includes the following objectives:

  1. Targeted communication to and involvement of all relevant stakeholders through implementation of a Communication and Dissemination Strategy (CDS)
  2. The development of business plans for each use case in WP3 to implement and sustain the coatings development after the funding phase up to market maturity. Therefore, the initial concept for a business plan, described within this proposal, will be further elaborated including legal protection and trademark protection
  3. Achieving user acceptance of the newly developed (nano)coatings. Preparation of a regulatory roadmap and initial steps taken to obtain regulatory clearance. Targeted measures for communication and exchange with relevant stakeholder groups will be implemented
  4. Storage, exploitation and long-term preservation of data generated within NOVA according to the FAIR principles trough generation and implementation of a DMP